2020 Summer Registration will open in January. Stay tuned!
Baseball  Registration

Registration runs through January 4 - February 15.

HPNWLL Offers Baseball for ages 1 1/2 - 18.

Baseball Camps are offered to each HPNWLL player. 

Training and Development for registered players begins January 12, 2020

Player Draft for ages 4-13

League Age is Determined by the below dates.
Baseball League/Softball League
Age as of August 31, 2018 (Exception Pee Wee)
  • Pee Wee (1 1/2 - 3 Yr. Old)
  • Minor C ( 4—6 Yr. Old)
  • Minor B (7—8 Yr. Old)
  • Minor A ( 9—10 Yr. Old)
  • Majors (11—12 Yr. Old)
  • Juniors (13—14 Yr. Old)
  • Senior/Big (15—18 Yr. Old)

When and Where? 

  • Participants should register either online or in person.
  • Online registration will be available starting Dec. 3rd.
  • Walk-in Registration will begin on January 5th Saturdays & Sundays 10 am - 2 pm @ Horner Park Little Fieldhouse, 4201 N. California.

Draft and Player Evaluations

For ages 4-12 baseball players will be placed in a draft. Each team has the option to keep 3 players. Due to the player draft for ages 4-12, each registered baseball player must undergo a player evaluation. The rest will be placed into a player draft. However, all players regardless of being protected must be evaluated. 
  • Players will be evaluated in late January and February.
  • The draft will occur for ages 4-12.
  • Team Placement will be done in early March.


Baseball Program:

Minor C - Majors ages 4-12:
These leagues play approximately 30 games plus playoffs.
$150 Registration Fee that includes uniform, hat, and socks. $150 Fundraiser Fee.

Challenger Program:
Ages 4-18:
This league plays 8 games for physically and/or mentally challenged youth.
$50 Registration Fee that includes uniform, hat, and socks.
Financial Assistance:

HPNWLL realizes that every child should have the opportunity to participate in Little League. We have a variety of financial and payment options available. We also offer sibling, early registration, and referral discounts to all qualifying players.
What Do You Need To Register?

Forms can be filled out and brought to the Horner Park Little Fieldhouse or mailed to 2741 W. Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL. Registrations mailed must be received by Feb. 13th

Copy of birth certificate and proof of residency is also needed.

Proof of Residency:

Each player is required to submit proof of residency to ensure the player is within Little League Boundaries.

All participants, new or returning, must bring in an original birth certificate and three (3) proofs of residency. 
Driver’s License Local (municipal) records Medical records
Voter’s Registration Support payment records Military records
School records Homeowner or tenant records Internet, cable or satellite records
Welfare/child care records Utility bills (Only 1 will be accepted) Vehicle records
Federal records Financial Records Employment records
State records Insurance documents